Can Medical Marijuana Act as an Effective Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis?

Perhaps if we actually addressed our inner cities and used the money earmarked for them, yet held back, some of our most deprived kids could go to places where they could enjoy themselves, perhaps with an emphasis on sport and exercise to help combat obeisity, where it is easy to blame junk food and convenient to forget lack of basic exercise and plain lazy and slothful habits. But where in all conscience have kids got to go to, when even relatively well off kids to what we were are reduced to straggling on street corners like beggars or tramps and invariably annoying and alienating passers by, creating a division and schism in society Source THC Africa between the young and old much more substansive and divisive than the natural contempt of the vigour of youth for oldies like us. It is easy to criticise this behavior, and easy to sympathise with victims of it, but what are we doing to provide an alternative to this kind of behavior, a place to meet, to go to and learn, have fun, and compete against each other at a sporting not warring level. I had little to my name as a kid, I worked the markets and two paper rounds and anything I could think up to make a few bob, and we all played cricket or football till dark in the street, everybody, loads of us. We were not fat or a real nuisance, but we did not have the pernicious power of television advertising and brainwashing telling us what to do, or parents determined not to be as strict as ours were and creating a soft youth who are spoilt rotten where we had nowt. Somewhere in the middle is right, but it does not help the kids now cope with an ever more sophisticated world wide machinery of selling and media manipulation around them.

Money should be released to inner cities to build centres for youth to go to, and proper well equipped centres run by local hard men, or respected local figures, evn criminals who at least see their future is in their kids getting out of the gutter and into a real world on their own two feet, who will ensure zero destruction levels of what is provided.
This should be expanded to rural areas and a gradual education in exercise and diet should be introduced.

At present anything that is too difficult for this government is relabeled and ignored, and what this is doing long term to our youth god alone knows.

To reiterate, cannabis is forty times stronger than it was and synthetic. It is abused from age twelve daily through to way past twenty. I would not take this if I were given it free, nor would any of my old friends and associates I canvassed on this subject. Also I might add, I ended up with a smoking addiction it took twenty four years to quit, and most kids smoke it here, so there again we have a vicious circle of addiction which surely does kill you, even if the current cannabis does not send you mad, or kill your will to work completely. It is an exponentially growing apathy drug in high strength with, for very many, serious psychological side effects, and for the government to pretty well give up on it is yet another abject failure in their long litany of failing the British public at large. One could understand this if their minds had been destroyed by this drug in its present form, but what they used, if they did, was a pale imitation of todays fare. Each to their own, but I would not take the present stuff, and we are forcing more and more to go through what passes for Universities, at the end of which not only do they have huge debts but a smoking drinking and cannabis habit which needs money to feed it just when a lot of them are unable to find work. Is it any wonder there is so much theft. If we channelled the money we have to spend on clearing up the mess which is our society at present into free University education, which surely is the right of anyone, and an educational programme backed up by free coach travel to all schools, ensuring safety and massively cutting congestion at the same time, then maybe then we would not have these problems to deal with in the foirst place.