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With the patio home heating season just starting, freestanding “post-style” or “dome-type” mobile gas outdoor patio heating systems will certainly once more be flooding sellers all throughout the country. The most typical concern we get from customers is “why are some patio area heating units so much less expensive than others?”

The answer to that inquiry remains in the concern itself – “less expensive” being the keyword. Yes, the heating systems marketed in the big box home facilities and also retailers are more affordable (more economical to acquire) because they are cheaper (cheaply made).

It matters little whether they’re made in North America or overseas. Outdoor patio heating system prices are determined mainly by the quality and also features supplied. It’s true that, as market need has actually enhanced, outdoor patio heater prices have dropped over time. What was when a specialty product offered with specialty fire place and outdoor patio furnishings stores, has actually come to be readily available through retail outlets anywhere, consisting of on the internet shops. A heating system that when sold for $650 or even more is currently as reduced as $199. Yet over the course of time, what has occurred to product honesty? What regarding the top quality of products, modern technology, reliability and also efficiency as well as warranty?

We’ve observed that post-style patio heating units are now reduced in top quality than in years past. And that’s not an excellent pattern.

I just recently attended the HPB Exposition in Salt Lake City, Utah heater pro x review (held March 3-5, 2011). This national program is mainly where suppliers of fireplace, barbeque and also other exterior products from around the globe gather to present new appliances and also support distribution networks with representatives and dealerships. While the show was smaller sized this year contrasted to previous ones, I saw at least a lots cubicles with freestanding outdoor post-style outdoor patio heating units. A lot of the heating units I examined had costs ranging from $179.00 up to $299.00.

A few of the heating units were of very low quality (ie. 4 item top reflectors, flimsy articles, as well as low quality, low scale steel). Yet what struck me most was that the modern technology (or do not have thereof) was essentially the same as years gone by – “drum style” heater heads and also a really low-cost piezo ignitor. Absolutely nothing brand-new and innovative. The only real variations were shade and also the dimension of the mushroom reflector over the heating unit head.

Of all the brands we compared, only one outdoor patio heater producer provided something unique and different – the version GA201 EvenGlo patio area heating system by IR Power, Inc. To view their heater from 80 lawns away was to consider just another post-style outdoor patio heater. But obtaining a more detailed look, there were some apparent distinctions. Big distinctions. Massive renovations to both heating unit head style and also construction high quality.

In 2007, IR Energy, Inc. engineers determined to improve upon the “old modern technology” outdoor patio heating system by thinking of something better. By doing so, they recognized that this heater would be like no other. It would also cost more because it would offer a whole lot much more in terms of building quality, modern technology, longevity, service warranty, etc. The EvenGlo model GA201 is the outcome. Let’s contrast:

Heater Head. Cheaper brands utilize a “drum style” burner, which distributes warmth outward to the people zone, all while throwing away up to 50% of heat to the outdoors without reaching the target area. By raw contrast, EvenGlo makes use of a multi-faceted heater head that takes full advantage of able to be used warm outcome by firing a lantern design infrared flame into an enthusiast, which then jumps heat both down to a “bottom feeder” as well as up to a large mushroom dispenser. Actually, the copyrighted EvenGlo reflector reflects up to 58% more able to be used heat to the people area! This burner head is unrivaled by any type of competitive item.