Elimination of Cellulite as well as EMS Best Cellulite Removal Solution?

Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) are among the choices to reduce cellulite and remove it. They are typically employed to ease muscle tension, improve blood circulation, prevent blood clots and to rejuvenate muscles following strokes. The use of EMS machines for these procedures is FDA certified. Although these EMS machines have proven to be effective in the procedures previously mentioned however, it remains to be determined whether they are able to achieve the same efficacy in removing cellulite.

How it Does It Work

The EMS causes muscle contractions, without signals from the brain. This means that muscles relax and contract because of electrical impulses from outside transmitted through the EMS to the body. The muscles are activated by the skin. It’s in fact “brainless exercise” since the brain isn’t required to perform any action. When we exercise, the brain is what that transmit these electrical signals, directing muscles to move, to stretch or relax based on what we would like the muscle to perform. With EMS however it is possible to sleep and not need to exert any effort. The machine takes care of the job by sending electrical signals to the body.

If used as a treatment for cellulite most electrical impulses will go to the problematic areas that are affected by cellulite. The commonly used claim of increased blood circulation to areas below the cellulite offers those who promote EMS as a method to remove cellulite as a reason for making claims at all.

Viable cellulite treatment?

The efficacy of EMS as a treatment for cellulite is not a certainty. There are no in-depth studies that have been conducted on EMS being used for this purpose and all you can trust is claims made by the manufacturers, that tend to be self-serving and are not backed by evidence. Additionally, there is any FDA approval of EMS as an effective treatment for cellulite. The FDA also prohibits the advertising of EMS devices that are used for body sculpting or shaping the body. Cellulite treatments seem to fall within these categories.

You can exercise on your own

With all the claims presented, EMS can easily be substituted with working out and getting fit on your own. Why should you pay to get an EMS procedure when you could go for the stairs, walk and do some aerobics perform weight training, or any other physical exercise that takes your interest. EMS is designed for people who are sedentary and encourages lazy. A real workout can yield the results you want.

The marketing experts have found another way to spin EMS to be a different method to remove cellulite. It has been used for a variety of products in so many ways, that it’s no longer unexpected. An extremely effective machine to use with different FDA accepted treatments. EMS should not be advertised as a cellulite reduction tool. This is extremely irresponsible and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. For the record that the FDA bans the sale of EMS devices to help with body shaping and shaping the body. This restriction by the FDA is enough to keep potential consumers who purchase EMS treatment for cellulite toes on the edge. Paying for and undergoing EMS treatments would be unjust to the client, since they won’t get the results they promised.