How to Organize Your Digital Photos

Selling your digital photos online can be a alternative way to generating some extra income if you do not wish to go into multi level marketing, affiliate marketing, paid surveys and the likes. Some of the most common questions asked by people wishing to sell their digital photos are;

o What kind of camera so I need?

o Where can I sell my photos?

o What types of photo sells best?

o How do I ensure that my photo gets downloaded?

o How much am I paid per photo?

There is a misconception that you need professional cameras to take quality photos, but this is not true because with a digital camera that has at least 3 mega pixels you can take a quality photo that will sell well. The secret to this is to take as many photos as possible and then at your own time sort them to find the best of the best which you can submit to stock photo sites. So for you to make money from your photos you need a digital camera, internet connection and a photo editing software such as Photoshop.

Regarding where you can sell your digital photos online the first question would be where do people go to download photos for commercial purposes? The answer is simply stock photo sites. To make money from your digital photos you must submit your work to stock photo sites where people will download your photo for a fee, and a percentage of the fee paid for your photo will go to the stock photo sites for their services obviously.

The question of what type of photo sells best has no definite answer as different photos sells depending on their commercial need. But as a pointer to help you decide on what type of photos to take you should think in the line of commercial intents, which means what kind of photo would people buy considering that your customers come different walks of life such as interior decorators, advertisers, scrap bookers, eBay sellers, students, illustrators, designers, and so many more. With this in mind and a bit of creativity I am sure you will be able to come up with photos that will sell.

To ensure that your photos pull attention from prospective buyers and gain high download rate you need to first go through the stock photo sites see what others have submitted and the more popular photos, by doing this you will be giving yourself a head start in knowing what kinds of photos do well with that particular stock photo sites. But irrespective of that I will encourage you to experiment because there is a first time and you might find that a photo doesn’t cover any of these factors could do equally well as long as it is a decent photo. Another important factor that will help you get a high download rate for your photos is to use photo editing software like Photoshop to edit your photo removing marks and making the photo look better.

There is no fixed amount for how much you get paid per photo as this depends on individual stock photo sites and also the category of photo you have submitted, so I will advice anyone wishing to go down the road of photo submission to keep an open mind as regards price because it differs from site to site.