How to Receive a Car Insurance Premium Reduction


  Automobile insurance, both compulsory and voluntary, is important nowadays since it covers your car damage, life, disability, loss of car, third-party liability, and also a passenger. Each insurance company’s premium varies depending on the plan and coverage that you select. I would list some techniques for you to reduce your car insurance premium as follows:

1.     Choosing the plan with the deductible

            A deductible is the amount that the insured pays out of pocket when an accident happens. If you pick a plan, you must pay the deductible. However, it will assist in saving a significant amount of money on automotive insurance premiums. If you file a claim, you must pay for the repairs in advance, and the insurer will pay the remainder based on the sum insured.

2.     Specifying a driver

            Many insurance companies give premium discounts based on the driver’s age. It is one way of lowering insurance premiums, which may be cut by up to 20% if the driver is over the age of 50. The driver between the ages of 18 and 24 will return the 5% discount. If the driver is between the ages of 15 and 35, the payout will be roughly 10%. If the driver is between the ages of 36 and 50, he or she will receive a 15% discount.

3.     Installing the car camera

            It is one of the factors that contribute to a lower insurance premium. The Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) has released guidelines allowing for a 5-10% discount on insurance premiums for all front-facing cameras. Car cameras are now extremely affordable, and installing one makes it easier to record evidence and file claims in the event of an accident. When purchasing insurance using an online platform, be sure you choose “Having a Car Camera.”

4.     Maintaining a good car driving record

            If you have a good record or no claims, you will receive a discount on your insurance premium for the next year. It is often referred to as the “NCB Discount,” which stands for no claim bonus. It might be reduced by up to 50% if you haven’t filed a claim in the last four years. Thus, I highly recommend you drive safely and carelessly. There will be no accidents and no claims in the last year, and if a claim does occur, it will be an accident for which you are not at fault. You will be able to lower your premium.

These are the top four methods for lowering your car insurance premium. I recommend that you purchase Rabbit Care car insurance in Thailand at There are many coverages and benefits available, such as roadside assistance, a 50% NCB discount for the next year if there are no accidents, and having a replacement vehicle while the repair is being completed. There are about five insurers that allow you to compare premiums and coverage. The premium would be calculated automatically for you, which is convenient.

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