How to Survive Living in a Doomsday Bunker

A San Diego guy is selling spaces in a hidden bunker for people looking to get away the approaching doomsday 2012 catastrophes. It will price you $50,000 per according to man or woman to store yourself and individuals of your circle of relatives via becoming a member of Robert Vicino within the bunker, actually a large complex he’s building out of an old Cold War shape someplace inside the southern California wasteland.

The underground safe haven may have NBC air filtration system elements sufficient to accommodate two hundred people for up to a yr. It may be able to withstand nearly any kind of herbal or man-made catastrophe. Besides a blast-evidence, 3,000-pound door, the bunker will be fenced off at the back of razor twine and other limitations.

The concept is that when catastrophe strikes, the humans who have paid for an area in Vicino’s hideout will meet at distinctive rendezvous points and be escorted in, probably with the aid of helicopters. Inside, way to the $10 million Vicino is spending on the structure’s refit, they may find such necessities as a decontamination room and such comforts as an exercising facility.

The California bunker is estimated as just the primary of several on the way to be constructed around the country.

Clearly, some human beings are taking the 2012 doomsday predictions seriously. And no wonder. Not handiest do historic prophecies, from distinct cultures, all agree that some thing big is coming at us, however so does science, from seismology to astronomy.

Survival could be the important thing word from here on out. Your personal survival might not depend on locating a bunker to move slowly into, however it’ll require preparation — and being alert to the symptoms of the times.