Latest Trends in Jewelry Gifts


The use of gold rings can be dated returned to Egypt 3000 BC. Gold turned into the desired metallic for earrings making all through historical instances. It become rare, it was easy to work with, and it never tarnished.

Magnificent bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, armlets, earrings, collars, and head embellishes had been all produced in historic Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs. In 1922 Howard Carter’s excavations caused the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and many gold artifacts, all showing the art work of ancient Egypt.


In historic Greece, gold beads within the schutzengel geschenk shape of shells, plant life and beetles were very commonplace. In Northern Greece beautiful necklaces and jewelry had been excavated from burial.

By 300 BC the Greeks had been using gem stones which includes emeralds, garnets, amethysts and pearls. They additionally created colored glass stones and enamel stones. Carved agate cameos and gold filigree work were broadly made.


The Italian Etruscans produced granulated textured gold work. They made very huge, necklaces, bracelets and jewelry. They had been additionally known for producing hollow gold pendants that had been filled with perfume. Even today the Italians are nonetheless regarded for the fine gold earrings.


The Romans used 18 and 24 carat gold for his or her cash. Coinage gold became easily to be had so it was famous with craftsmen for ornamental rings. Over 2000 years ago the Romans had been the usage of sapphires, emeralds, garnets, and amber of their rings.

During the thirteenth century the Medieval Sumptuary Laws had been enacted which placed a cap on luxurious jewelry and clothing. The town folk of France, banned from carrying girdles crafted from pearls or some other gemstone.

They were additionally banged from carrying gold or silver. Similar laws existed in England banning artisans from carrying gold and silver. These legal guidelines show how pleasant rings had spread beyond the Aristocracy to the city people.

For as long as mankind has existed gemstones and jewels have been used as token of ones love for another. While many portions of jewelry existed decorated with pleasant gems and crafted from treasured metals, there has been additionally a few very good fake jewelry.

True gemstones and pearls originated inside the east and that they had been bought particularly by the Italians. The Italian traders then offered the jewelry to the Europeans.

High nice glass imitations have been regularly used and offered with the cause to deceive. These high best glass stones had been regularly used in the Royal funeral gowns and in kid’s rings.

Valued more than gems, were the perfect, spherical, natural white pearls. South India furnished some of the best pearls. The Italians were capable of make best imitation glass gems and pearls that could handiest be recognized via a gemologist.

There is ancient proof that recipes for false pearls existed as a long way again as 1300. White powdered glass changed into blended with albumen and snail slime to supply imitation pearls.

Earrings and Dress Jewelry

During the seventeenth century female usually wore jewelry, whether or not they were dressed or undressed. It became very applicable to wear fake pearls and paste gem earrings throughout the day saving great diamond earrings and gem jewelry for night attire.

Dress ornamentation reduced in size. Sleeves or skirts have been regularly embellished with matching brooches.

During the sixteenth it changed into very fashionable to put on big portions of pearls. Both jewelry to apparel accessories had been adorned with pearls.

During the seventeenth century Jaquin of Paris patented a way of making fake pearls. Hollow blown glass balls have been coated with varnish mixed with iridescent ground fish scales. The hole balls were then full of wax to bolster them. This discovery made Paris the primary manufacturer of fake pearls for well over 200 years.

Paste is a compound of glass containing white lead oxide and potash. Paste jewelry became very commonplace within the later part of the seventeenth century. The highest best and maximum durable paste rings become produced after 1734 via Georges Strass.

Paris lead the production of fake gemstones [paste] and pretend pearls. Just about any form of faux gem can be made, together with faux opals.

After 1760 the manufacturing of faux jewelery unfold to London and to Birmingham. During the economic revolution metallic turned into produced in huge quantities so it changed into effortlessly to be had. It was united states of americafor placing marcasite and jasper ware cameos. Glass and Wedgwood porcelain paste cameos were made in English factories and have been additionally very popular.

The fashion from this period also covered ornate shoe buckles of paste, metallic and tin, intricate paste jewel buttons, as well as semi valuable for day put on.

Empire Jewelry

In 1804 Napoleon emerged as Emperor of France, ensuing in a revival of jewelry and fashion as a new court of pomp.
‘Joailliers’ labored satisfactory rings and ‘bijoutiers’ used less precious substances.

The individuals of the new French imperial own family had the former French royal circle of relatives gems re-set into the state-of-the-art neo-classical fashion. The new tendencies soon found their way to Europe, especially England. The main influence for layout became the Greek and Roman.

Parures and Cameos

Parures have been an identical suite of coordinating precious gemstones that can encompass a necklace, a comb, a tiara, a diadem, a bandeau, a couple of bracelets, pins, jewelry, drop earrings or and cluster stud rings and in all likelihood a belt clasp.

A complete parure consisted of at the very least four portions. A demi parure consisted of 3 or much less portions. Both Josephine and Napoleon’s 2nd spouse had impressive parures.

Once Napoleon’s cameo decorated coronation crown changed into visible, cameos have become the craze. Cameos had been carved from tough stone, conch shells and even from Wedgwood porcelain.