SAP Sales Order Types, Configuration

In the underlying screen of the deals request section deals request type ought to be placed. In view of the request type entered framework shows the resulting screens. The underneath are the main request types present in the SAP.

1. MTO Order
2. Parts Order
3. Returns
4. Credit update demand
5. Charge update demand
6. Receipt revision demand

MTO request type is utilized for the parts which will be produced by the client prerequisites. To determine the client necessities by and large variation arrangement is utilized. When the deals request is made deals request makes a prerequisite in MRP. At the point when the MRP runs (MD01/MD02), framework makes an arranged request. Organizer Sales configuratie software changes over this arranged request into creation request. After merchandise are made, merchandise are gotten into the plant as for the creation request. Deals request is conveyed when the merchandise are free, and a receipt will be given to the client.

Parts request is utilized to sell the stock things from the plant. while the transportation date arrived at framework makes a conveyance note (VL01N). Delivering representative ships the merchandise and do a post products issue (VL02N). Post merchandise issue diminishes the stock and expands the expense of products deals. A receipt is given to the client in the group work or physically in VF01.

Returns: Returns request is made when a client needs to return the products. Return request makes the return conveyance archive (VL01n). At the point when the merchandise arrives at the plant or product house delivering representative gets the merchandise and do a post products issue in the framework. A credit update is given to the client.

Credit notice demand: This request type is utilized to give a worthy representative for client. For the most part a credit is given to the client, when there is an over charging or copy charging. For this request there is conveyance presents.

Charge reminder demand: Similar to credit update demand charge notice demand is utilized to charge the client. At the point when the client is less charged, to give a charge update, charge reminder demand is made.

In the request type setup, conveyance type, charging type controls whether a specific request type has conveyance or charging. For credit reminder demands there won’t be any related conveyance type. Deals request type controls the accompanying.

Estimating relevency (regardless of whether a request is pertinent for evaluating).
Charging type (Order related or Delivery related). Credit/charge notice demands are generally request related charging
Header text control.
Header yield control
Variation for the screens.
Qualification for Billing
Qualification for conveyance
Thing categeory at the line level controls the progression of the request. One deals request can contain two details, one with conveyance and one more without conveyance. Thing class like request type has comparative controls. Plan line class which is related with the thing classification controls the development type utilized during the conveyance.

Ex: One detail can be conveyed from transfer stock and one more from unlimited stock.