The Case for Magnesium Aluminum Alloys

Magnesium and aluminum are categorized as infrastructure metals, or metals used in constructing buildings and bridges. Each has its strengths and weaknesses when considered individually. Together as a magnesium alloy, the two metals are becoming the “it” metal of several industries, including medicine, sports, wholesale of Aluminum Alloy Wheel Scrap automotive, aerospace and more. Their presence is more than hype. The alloys seem to be on their way to changing the way products are made, based solely on their combined qualities.

Magnesium vs. Aluminum
The dynamic duo of the infrastructure metals are competition when alone. The energy required to melt magnesium is much higher than that for aluminum. However, the equipment needed to melt and hold the magnesium while it awaits molding offsets the costs. Magnesium solidifies faster and magnesium products therefore faster to produce. In addition, the life of magnesium products is longer than aluminum. However, the magnesium products do corrode faster than those made from aluminum.

Both elements have their positive and negative characteristics, but when they come together, a metal is created that seems a little like magic.

Combined Alloy Advantages
When aluminum is added to magnesium, it hardens the metal, which is strengthened even more by the cold work process used to form magnesium products. The new alloy is highly resistant to corrosion and responds very well to the welding process. The products are lighter than those made from other metals as well. It seems that their individual advantages come together to create a metal that is fitting in the quest for cheaper, stronger, and lighter material for some of the world’s most advanced products.

Magnesium alloy containing aluminum usually include other elements to enhance the alloy. The name of the alloy gives away its composition. A common letter used in the name is “Z” for zinc. Zinc is used in magnesium alloys to add additional strength while keeping the weight light.

Generally, the magnesium aluminum alloy is used primarily for injection molding jobs and used in automotive, aerospace, and the creation of machinery used in manufacturing. However, the alloy is considered general purpose and has become the go-to element for many industrie